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I have met the wagering requirements but the bonus funds haven’t been transferred to my balance. Why not?
If you’ve wagered your bonus for over 100%, it probably means a game was closed before the spin or hand was completed. Reopen this game and finish the spin/hand to access your bonus. Please contact our customer service team if you can’t find the right game. Don’t play further until we have sorted it out.
How do I know when I meet the wagering (play-through) requirements for my bonuses?
You can see a snapshot of your current bonuses in your financial overview. The total amount you need to bet to meet the wagering requirement is shown at Wagering req. The amount you’ve wagered so far is shown at Wagered. When the two amounts are the same, you’ve met the wagering requirement and the bonus will be added to your balance.
I’ve heard there’s a Cash Back offer. How do I qualify?
For those players who haven't had the best luck there's a Cash Back offer*. Find out more about our Cash Back here. *Not available for German players.
When will I get a bonus?
Club One, our loyalty reward program, was created specially to thank our most loyal customers. The more you play, the better the bonuses you’ll be offered. We hand out bonuses weekly, and if there’s one available for you we’ll send you an email with the good news, or you’ll see a notification in your account. Depending on your level and/or the campaign you can receive different types of bonuses (e.g. Real Free Spins, deposit-bonus, Free Cash no-deposit bonus etc.).
What does ‘wagering requirements’ mean?
In your account you’ll see a ‘Balance’ and a ‘Bonus’. When you deposit, your funds will be added to your balance. When we give you a bonus, we add the funds to your bonus.

The funds in your balance is ‘real money’ and can always be withdrawn (minimum payout is € 17,50). You can only withdraw the funds from your balance. Therefore you need to turn the ‘bonus-funds’ into ‘balance- funds’ to make them eligible for a withdrawal. You can turn bonus-funds into balance-funds by betting the bonus-funds in our games.

The total amount that you need to bet in order to turn the bonus into balance is the bonus’ wagering requirement. When the requirement is given as a multiplier, you’ll need to bet the initial bet multiplied by the multiplier (To give an example: When you receive a € 10,00 bonus with a 25x wagering requirement, you’ll need to place for € 250 total bets from that bonus.
Can I use my bonus to buy scratch cards?
No, unfortunately you cannot use your bonus funds to buy scratch cards. You can only buy scratch cards with real cash (balance).
What is the max. bet allowed for Bonuses?
It is not allowed to make bets higher than € 5 with your bonus balance. When you do make bets higher than € 5, we can decide not to accept a withdrawal of the funds won from these bonuses. This rule does not apply to bonuses above € 1 000.
I didn’t get my sign-up bonus. Why not?
To get your free sign-up bonus, you have to validate your account with a free SMS code that we have sent you. You can only have one sign-up bonus. If you haven’t received it, check to see whether you’ve already validated another account. If you have, you won’t qualify for a second sign-up bonus. If you didn’t receive a text please contact us as soon as possible.

Also, only one sign-up bonus is allowed per address. If you see a notification in the upper left hand corner of your screen (check the bell icon) saying that you’ve been marked as ‘double’, it means there are other accounts registered at your address. If this happens, and you’re the only account holder in your household, please contact our customer service team. Please make sure you’ve completed all your personal details before contacting them.
How can I cash out my no-deposit bonus?
You can withdraw the bonus as soon as you’ve met the wagering requirements. Please note we require a one-time deposit of €10 or more before you can request a withdrawal. You can of course withdraw your funds again immediately.
Is the sign up bonus really free?
Yes it is! There are no costs at all. When you receive a Free Cash no-deposit bonus, there’s no need to make a deposit first. You just receive the funds on your Bonus meter, and once you’ve wagered the bonus, you can withdraw it for free! When you receive a Free Spins offer, it's possible there is a wagering requirement which must be met in order to convert the Free Spins into real money. Check your bonus overview in your account to find the wagering requirements for your Free Spins offer. Please note we require a one-time deposit of €10 or more before you can request a withdrawal. You can of course withdraw your funds again immediately.
Where can I find my Club One level?
You can check your loyalty reward level easily via your Member Level page . This will show how many Club points you’ve earned already.
How much Free Cash no-deposit bonus or Free Spins will I receive at One Casino?
At One Casino we like to reward our regular players. The higher your Club One level, the bigger your Free Cash no-deposit bonus or the higher the Free Spins offer will be each week.
How do I apply for a birthday bonus?
As a Club One member you'll receive an extra free bonus on your birthday by mail. Please note that your account needs to be verified to be eligible for the birthday bonus.
What happens to my bonus when I withdraw my money?
Some bonuses become void if you withdraw your balance. If this is going to apply in your case, we’ll send you a notification letting you know. Please note that once lost, bonuses don’t return.
Am I allowed to open more than one account?
No. You are only allowed one account, and our bonuses and promotions are limited to one person per household.
How can I cash out my no-deposit bonus?
You can withdraw the bonus as soon as you’ve met the wagering requirements.
How do I claim my Cash Back?
As soon as you are eligible for Cash Back, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox. Go to the One Casino lobby and you’ll see a ‘Claim Cash Back’ button. Click the button and the Cash Back will be added to your account.
Can’t find your answer here? Visit our Promotions page to learn more about One Casino’s bonuses. If this doesn’t help, our customer service team will be happy to assist you. Please describe in detail your question in the text field below.


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